[toronto] coming home
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Alright, news:

CUT OFF DATE FOR REGISTRATION: Aug 1st.  If we don't reach 15 persons by then, we throw up our hands and spend the whole weekend getting drunk* .  I realise this is not very much different than the norm, but we would be lacking a Johnny, laptop time and calling it Dexcon in LJ updates.  We'd probably keep the formal only because we found a really awesome restaurant and I want to wear a dress and get free tequila again.

* for those of you who have "clever" commentary on when the last Dexcon should have been, do yourself a favour and keep it to yourself
** have not actually registered but they don't really get a choice
[toronto] coming home
  • ferox


As you may know, Dex has finally thrown his hands up in the air and can't find enough alcohol to willingly host us again but more likely because he's done it for ten something years, let's not tempt fate on that doesn't have an ulcer thing.  This is a poll to gauge interest in Dexcon XIII: Revenge of the Laurens (now with more PowerPoint) involving, but not limited to: guest speakers, writing activities, prizes and general awesome.  Please choose one of the following radio buttons.



am awesome and (barring natural disasters) will be attending
might be okay and am thinking of attending
am a square and will not be attending
think August is a long time away and have no idea, and therefore no adjective
for the last time, live in a backwards land and have school in August

We will be pimping this out through multiple channels and encourage you all to do the same; everyone is invited!  I mean, it's the internet; everyone likes alcohol and writing on the internet.  Keep an eye on this space for information and discussions, but feel free to get the ball rolling with ideas of what you'd like to see this year.  I'm voting for name tags.